Cool Kidz


  • Purpose of the project: This was a college task. Our team developed a website for our SAIT’s Production Company ll group project to provide rollerblading tutorials and I was responsible for two crucial roles in the team. Firstly, I appeared in the videos as an instructor to teach the lessons, and secondly, I was a video and motion graphics artist. To keep up with the trends of 2022, we decided to create an 80s-inspired, cyberpunk-style website that would appeal to both the younger and older generations.

    This animation includes various elements, including text, a grid, a textured background, lighting effects, animated components, and sound effects. 

  • Objective: Create an animated intro for my group project’s videos.
  • Your role: Direction, Animation.

Free Your Magic

SFX Integrated Video

  • Purpose of the project: Create special effects on Adobe After Effects.
  • Objective: Integrate animated graphics into a short video.
  • Your role: Writer, Director, Post-production, SFX


Short Video

  • Purpose of the project: Animation / SFX integrated with live action footage.
  • Objective: Make a live action video with animated characters or vice-versa.
  • Your role: Direction, animation.

One Choice Away

Explainer Video

  • Purpose of the project: Animation / SFX in After Effects.
  • Objective: Send a strong message through an animated explainer video.
  • Your role: Conceptualization, writing, animation.

Time is Up

Walk Cycle Animation

  • Purpose of the project: Animation / SFX of a character walking.
  • Objective: Make a rigged character that can walk.
  • Your role: Conceptualization, animation.