Andrea Márquez

Graphic Artist ~ Video Producer

Selected Pieces

For a Dream

Roles: Writer / Director / Producer

Spirit Winds

Roles: Video Production / Graphic Designer

Julie's Nail Salon

Roles: Graphic Designer / Video Producer

Portrait Series

Roles: Photography / Post-production

About Me

I’m a digital creator passionate about visual communications and telling stories that can move hearts.

Born and raised in the core of Guadalajara, México, I was surrounded by the chaos of the city, the rich history trapped within antique buildings, and the elegance of the modern architecture. Growing up in a big city, I was lucky enough to witness abundance and plenitude as well as scarcity and injustice against people, animals and the environment. Around the age of 19, I decided not to be part of an oppressed group, and I pledged to myself that I wouldn’t be the oppressor. My first life-changing decision was to adopt a vegan (plant-based) lifestyle out of respect for my home: planet Earth and all the living creatures that call it home.

After finding the career path I wanted to pursue, I decided I would use my skills and talents to make a positive impact. By giving visibility, and a voice to projects that can revolutionize the world.

I base my work on a set of core values, which are:

  • Empathy: All living beings deserve respect regardless of their species, size, stage of development, or the role they play in the world.
  • Transcendence: Humans are accountable for the planet, its inhabitants, and the footprint we leave on our passage through this world. We shall use our power to do better.
  • Congruence: One shall make decisions that align with one’s beliefs.
  • Responsibility: Everything I do, I will do with honesty and dedication.

If this resonates with you, I will be delighted to meet you and work together! I will hear your ideas, then develop a creative solution to help you, your project or your business reach their desired goals.